Hebrew T’shuvas and Upcoming Sefer

The t’shuvas below are based on real life questions that have come up for the Rav over the years. They haven’t been named yet, so unfortunately they aren’t searchable.

The files are organized in the following manner:

A – Orach Chaim, B – Yoreh Deah. C – Even Ha’Ezer, D – Choshen Mishpat, E – Zeraim, F – Kodshim, G – Taharos, H – Bein Adam Le’Chaveiro- esp. on Loshon Hora. There are occasionally descriptive tags in the file name.

The t’shuvas are nearly ready for publishing, but still require minor sub-editing and proofreading. Funding for the actual publishing is also needed. If you wish to be a part of this project by contributing your skilled talents or your funding, please contact us.

Dedications available.

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