About Nimla Tal

נמלא ט”ל- טל של תחיה

Nimla Tal is a non-profit organization that raises money for specific charitable needs in Israel. Nimla Tal is managed by Rabbi Kaganoff, and receives contributions from all over Israel and around the world. Rabbi Kaganoff is renowned for his realistic and empowering approach to tzeddaka, as well as his impeccable integrity in managing the Nimla Tal fund. Anyone who visits the Rabbi’s apartment in Jerusalem, is awed by how much life-changing chessed and tzeddaka can emerge from such a small, simple home.

Recently most funds raised by Nimla Tal have been used to fund marriage and individual therapy for people at serious risk who are committed and ready to make a positive change in their lives. As you are probably aware, quality therapy is very expensive, far beyond the reach of many individuals, and is not covered by local insurance in any meaningful way. Notwithstanding the tremendous expense involved, the investment in the resultant psychological health of the children of these marriages, and the individuals themselves is invaluable. Fortunately, Rabbi Kaganoff has been instrumental in many success stories for individuals and families (which he refrains from telling to protect people’s privacy). In most instances, Rabbi Kaganoff will personally screen therapists for competence and maintain contact with the therapist involved.

Another Nimla Tal project which is currently under development is aimed at helping people retrain into respectable professions. As you may be aware, a large percentage of the Israeli Chareidi community are people who are or were in full-time learning and now need to seek a means of supporting their families. Rabbi Kaganoff works closely with families to help them find realistic long-term solutions to parnasa problems. One of the most successful methods is to help the breadwinner pursue professional training or further education related to a marketable skill. Rabbi Kaganoff partners with generous donors to help support the families financially while they make this transition. While it is a resource intensive project, it is uniquely effective in that all the parties are 100% committed to fostering financial independence. If you are able to help with this project in a serious way, or know someone who is, let’s talk.

Finally, Nimla Tal also distributes money before Pesach for maos chittin. Rabbi Kaganoff is aware of numerous families that do not have money to provide for basic Pesach needs. Some are employed, some are underemployed, and others have unusual family expenses. In every instance, these are situations that Rabbi Kaganoff is personally familiar with, and he is aware of the family’s needs.

Nimla Tal pays no salaries and has no advertising expenses or overheads of any kind; all money raised goes to helping those in need. The postage, paper and toner for acknowledgment letters are all donated, and all the work performed by the individuals representing the organization is volunteer. This website was also created by a volunteer.

Contributions to the American Friends of Nimla Tal are tax deductible in the US.

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