Using Hashem’s Name

Question #1: Nasty Neighbor Mrs. Goodhearted asks: “I have a neighbor who seems a bit disturbed and often spews out abusive invective against me. I am concerned that her cursing may bring evil things upon me. What should I do?” Question #2: A Friend in Vain Mr. Closefriend inquires: “A close friend of mine often […]

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Get Rid of the Stuff!

or The Vanishing Importer and Other Tales Dovid calls me with following shaylah: ”Several years ago, Yonasan asked permission to store some items in my basement for a few months. The items are still in my basement, and I have no idea where Yonasan now lives. I have tried to contact him without any success. […]

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Double-Duty Soups, Onerous Onions, and Nat bar Nat, or Preparing Milchig and Fleishig for Shavuos

There is a widespread custom to eat at least some milchig meals on Shavuos. A housewife asked me this question: since this year Shavuos follows on the heels of Shabbos, and she has no large pareve pots, is there a way for her to prepare side dishes or desserts that she may then serve with […]

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Must I Immerse a Candy Dish?

Question: A Sweet Saga Avraham Sweet, the proprietor of Candy Andy, wants to know: “I have a gift business in which I sell glass candy bowls filled with candies, fruits, and nuts. Must I toivel these dishes before I fill them?” Introduction: In Parshas Matos, the Torah teaches: Regarding the gold and the silver; the […]

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When There Is a Will, the Relatives May Complain

Yonasan, who was originally adopted by non-observant parents, called me with the following shaylah: “My parents, meaning the couple who adopted me, eventually divorced, and later my father remarried, although there was a halachic problem with his second marriage. My adoptive father was a kohen, and his second wife, Martha, was a divorcee. Recently, my […]

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What Will the Neighbors Think? – Understanding the Halachos of Maris Ayin

When Yehudah’s friend the Adulami was unable to locate Tamar, Yehudah reacts: "What can I do? This will lead to an embarrassing situation." This sounds like a good week (parshas Va’Yeshev) to study: By Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff Question # 1:  My boss asked me to attend a lunch meeting with a new client in a […]

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How Are Tefillin Retzuos Made?

In this week’s parsha, Avraham tells the King of Sodom that he (Avraham) will not keep "even a thread or even a shoelace" from the booty of Sodom, although all of Sodom and its populace are rightfully his property as spoils of war. The Gemara teaches that as a reward for this, Avraham’s descendents were […]

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It’s About Time

Sorry, there are a few corrections to the last article… It’s the same article, the Rav just changed the name, and there were a couple of real corrections. When Noach offered his korbanos after the Mabul, Hashem promised that the days of the earth will never again be changed, and that day and night will […]

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Mezuzah Mysteries — or Is this really a doorway?

Question #1:

Raphael* sent me an e-mail which included an attachment with the layout of his new apartment (see attachment entitled “map”). He wants to know whether he needs to place a mezuzah at the doorway out of the lounge marked “Sofek 1″, and also whether the entrance to the kitchen requires a mezuzah. Both instances are not architecturally proper doorways, but entrances formed by walls.

Click to download Apt map pdf

*Although all questions mentioned here are authentic, names have been changed to protect each individual’s privacy.

Question #2:

Yisroel sent me photographs of his hallway to determine whether he needs to place a mezuzah at its entrance (see attachment entitled “is this a mashkof”).

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Important Eating – The Halachos of Ikar and Tafeil

    Question #1: You made a bracha on a cup of tea and sipped it, and then decided it needed more sugar. Do you need to make a bracha on the extra sugar? Question #2: You cooked a delicious vegetable-barley soup. What bracha do you recite before eating it? Does it make any difference […]

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